Jar Full of Stars

“Harsh are the words of foes and harsher are the strong opinions of a kin.”

This explains a lot of conflicts and the basic first world problems everyone goes through these days. I sometimes even feel how minuscule my problems are and how incompetent I am in tackling them that I let them grow over me. But then again there is always a strong side to a person and mine is putting it in words. It’s kind of a painkiller that momentarily relaxes your brain, eases the pain and lets you live through the nitty gritties. Personal skulking aside, let me get to the point on this post. What I’m here to talk about today is related to a very common fact we tend to overlook everyday and seem to be aiming towards something materialistic enough to bring us momentary pleasure but taking us away from the realm of inner peace.

It’s called gratitude, in the most simple form. I’m not the person who would give you an opinion on how you should be thanking the Lord almighty for his sacrifice and be happy for the air you breathe blah-blah and blah. No such stupid comments.

Just a simple thank you to everyone who helped you achieve humanity. A bow to all those who helped you grow as a person. A hats off to every other friend who showed you the right path. A big hug to your parents for being there in times of need. A peck on cheek to your ex for unconditionally supporting you in your strengths and then moving on to give you another aspect on life. A kiss to your current love for accepting you in whatever you are. It kind of gets spiritual if I start explaining each aspect of this but you know it by now what I’m pointing at. A brain never stops to learn and you need to be exceptionally stupid to never realize how enlightening your interactions are with everyone around you.

I would take my own example to explain this theory. I’m your quintessential geeky, comic book freak kind of a guy who also does a 9-5 job to earn money. I write because it soothes my creative urge and also helps me tap into the strongest side of me which fuels my anticipation to meet new people as well. I don’t know how this works but i always find myself enjoying the very little things in life and probably the reason why I’m a bit difficult to understand for some as I genuinely do not care about it until I see something good  which entices me (a polite way of saying “not give a fuck”). The areas where I always see some scope of improvement in me is communication, words, writing which tends to be my biggest passion. I’m not a frequent blogger nor a seasonal writer, I’m just another blip of an existence in this fast paced world but I identify with too many people to give myself some basic social character. But still I manage to remain happy and content with this knowledge. i owe this to the fact that I do not aim to be Jobs but at least be an expert at whatever he imparted to us. I tend to keep my expectations from myself a little further each time so that I can rejoice in achieving a goal and still keep moving a step up ahead each time on the ladder.

In short I have gratitude for everyone’s attitude but none for those who have it in excess. My chi lies in the fact that I find myself improving after every fall and that stems from that splurge of celebration when I get up. I enjoy that moment with the one who helped me. maybe that’s why I’m such a good friend to everyone. Love is again a mystery to everyone and I ain’t aloof. I know it’s important and maybe some day I’ll find the balance to manage it with my ambitions. But for now a much better way to spend my days is in the knowledge of the fact that I’m growing with each fall and maybe just be thankful for that state.

It’s like getting a jar full of stars, you know you won’t ever get one but wouldn’t that be exciting ? Think about how happy you would be if you had one. And that is the inner peace I always search for.


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