Inspired.Surprised.Offended [AN OPEN LETTER]

Dear fellow Indians,
The world is full of talented minds. Ones who enjoy being the most popular on the planet and others who enjoy being the most unpopular as well. They would have laid down the ground rules for everyone else had they not been so busy in getting away from all the unwanted attention. As a common man I can ask why the attention given to them is “unwanted” ? When you dance to numbers like “India waale” on-screen we give you billions right ? (That too at the cost of our own weekend) Why don’t you ever acknowledge us by jumping into the crowd and clicking selfies with everyone and anyone who asks ?

Every demand I put forward in the paragraph above is idiotic. Simple, yes but plain idiotic. Had it been said by me when I was 8 yrs old it might have instilled one or two good laughs. But now it’s immature. *sigh* Times change, but cave men do not. They still like beating their wives with clubs. Abusing charmingly in closed rooms. Disrespect a working woman’s existence by getting offended at how much she earns. Basically, get offended ! That’s like the biggest mantra of any Indian’s life, right after the routine say, taking a dump every day. Right now India has a population of 1,265,810,000 (2014 approximate) and by the time you read this number and realized how much it was, it has changed and also around a million of them got offended by something.

I love India for the fact that it provides people the freedom to speak, act, over dramatize, harass, insult each other in all immaturity and code of conduct. But seriously dude, get it out of your asses. When it comes to dealing with subjects and opinions maturely, India has not grown beyond Komolika’s reaction when her plan fails in “Kasautii Zindagi Kay”. We might be singing praises for our nation at every party and/or global event but it might be a sociological disorder some of us are suffering from. It’s for the same reason that we find making fun of a man who has done clean roles all his life by citing his example as “babuji” of one and all is fine but people agreeing to abuse one another by mutual consent and performing a roast is a god awful thing. it’s fine if we have “launda naach” at our ghati parties, but protest when someone even cracks a joke on getting out of the closet. It’s fine to mimic actors and ridicule their personalities but outrageous if someone decides to make his own skin color as the subject of a joke. Then again there are these pretentious celebs who do nothing more than “haan haan”, “hmm” and “tsk tsk” throughout a “socially active” show which brings to light different issues that we face day-to-day. He finds it right to point out to people whether they are worthy enough to watch his show and then goes out and speaks on about a roast teaching them to be “responsible” and “mature”

Indians are a talented lot and one of the most brilliant genome pools on the planet. We were the only ones who fought back our colonization in the most non-violent way possible, we choose our own government, live the way we want, appreciated all over the world for our talent in entertainment business, the growth of steady investments in US markets is a by-product of Indian service sector. We have the top most minds in research and academics, probably one of the best pool of scientists and teachers. Sounds inspiring right ?

It is surprising though that ours is the only country who has a Section in its penal code which basically outlaws homosexuals. ours is also the country where men are still not given strict punishments for rapes and disrespect of anyone on the basis of gender for that matter. We outrage over a suit worn by NaMo but never really bothered to file a suit against that drunk politician’s son who killed a man “under influence” on the road yesterday. We are the only country in the world who has minimal investments in health care and ever-increasing budget for warfare. In the past few weeks we have been offended by a chewing gum, a suit and a charity event. Surprised ?

Well I’m offended !!! I’m offended by the moral policing, forced marriage, female infanticide, rapes, homicides, dowry deaths, honor killings, political bias and bigotry that everyone is subjected to in our country. Things which I “should” be offended by ? NO ! Things which my conscience allows me to be offended by.

The lessons in moral science were not just chapters. We are not the “sone ki chiriya” we are advertised to be, nothing is “saare jahan se achha” in this country except freedom of action. We are a billion strong India !!! It’s time to bring out the board and start building our nation’s heritage, because that is what makes us unique. I will not bore you by stating ridiculously accurate facts to pop the bubble, but we can promise each other to try finding out the reason why we are trapped inside one.


An engineer in service of the nation


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