The Genuinely Bizzare Case of An Unwanted Powercut

You know that feeling when you are dreaming about something mildly interesting and you are at the climax of your ongoing version of personally original daily soap opera in your head. Ain’t it exciting to dream? What is not amusing at all is while this happens suddenly you find yourself at the mercy of thousands of mosquitoes (exaggerating for effect) and tons of perspiration as the lights went out in the real world. Oh humanity!!! You end up waking up like a hungry cow who sees you holding food in your hand (Only Indians and people working on farms will get this reference. For the rest, imagine waking up with a jolt and looking around like you have been kidnapped and kept in an unknown dark place under a sinister lair of an evil scientist)

(You get it. right? If not read again slowly or just remember the last time you woke up when the lights went out)

A thing like the one above happened quite recently with me whence I was fast asleep with an alarm set for an early morning and at the wee hours of late night the power went out. A fascinating thing to note here would be how the comprehension of things around you changes as darkness descends. Some household item that you knew had been there for a while would suddenly dissolve into oblivion and you are left cursing yourself for not counting the steps to that point everyday when you walk into the house. You bump around and hit yourself in places around your knee cap whose capability of inflicting pain even you are not aware of.
I had to deal with an aftermath of a pre Diwali party in my hall loaded with several weird things scurried across the floor. I’m mostly a very genuine quitter owing to my lazy upbringing throughout my bachelor life. A while back I had been discussing my anxiety issues with a very dear friend and how she dealt with it through therapy whereas I chose water and ignorance to deal with it. Sort of sums up my life. People go for therapy, you like watching porn…similar stuff…..(no?) The conversation went like –

SHE – Meditation and introspection helps
ME – No meditation for me. *The only time I meditate is when I sleep*
I’m trying out gymming though *which as a lazy bum as i am never really comes into habit*
Introspection goes for my writing habit *thinks about how to write thoughts in a post*

As a moral of the story, I decided to get some sleep rather than investigate the cause.

Worst decision ever!!!

Apparently when its a bit hot and you are perspiring with mosquitoes for company you get into a state of limbo where you are half asleep and awake and some mosquitoes decide to come to you and bitch about the other mosquitoes who have come in uninvited to the feast. It’s all an intense affair full of murmurs. To get out of this limbo and also a tasteful conversation with a persistent mosquito (it ended with me slapping myself thrice) I decided to embark on a fellowship journey through the marsh lands of my hall towards the ever watching eye of the power meter at the end of the lobby across my main door.

After a painful 5 minutes where I had to grope through the darkness and hang on to my dear life whence I slipped in a pool of water I reached the meter to find it off. Another wickedly interesting idea that lit up the grey matter of my sufficiently occupied brain was to knock on my neighbor’s door. I found out apparently you are never welcome to anyone’s place at 2 am in the night. After getting back to normal from the utter embarrassment (which I still don’t know from whom because everyone was asleep) I decided to write a blog post about this.

UPDATE – The power is back on now as we had to insert the card and recharge the meter in some Ethan Hunt-esque way…I feel deprived of sleep so I should doze off but not before posting this beautiful piece of procrastination I have acquired off my skills with ingenuity and prowess.


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