Something From The Heart….

FRIENDS. Everyone has many. Some have just one or two to call their own. Be it your “cuddy buddy” your “high school BFF” your “mate”, “bro” whatever you call him. He is there omnipresent and awesome always. Something that I can proudly say I have had plenty all my life. I have a good lot of them I tell you. Loads of them. Pretty much a crowd I think. As I sit down to think how else to describe them it’s a merry hunt for words. But nevertheless here it goes. Some excerpts which truly deserve a mention because they really tell the way friends are. you might find a mirror of a personality you know of and I hope it might change your perspective towards them if you still do not know how crucial their presence is in your life.

It starts with the very first day at school. You are sort of idiotic when you start it though. Remember all the fights you have had in the first two or three years over stolen pencils or that favorite sharpener of yours or the food you never ate and still was blamed for it. What stands out here ? The one you had the biggest fight ever with once actually ended up being your close friend for most part or rather the whole nine yards of your school life. It will not be cumbersome to remember those moments you rambled around in the school corridors, those hours of discussion of the new pencil you got or quirky things you got to know at home. He kind of becomes your vault at times. I did not know the concept of writing then but I must tell you being a sort of popular kid as I was a total geek. I knew a lot of people and had in me confided a lot of secrets till I ended my fourth year in school. by now I had taken up a hobby (reading of course) and also started playing my favorite game (Basketball). Also I had classified people around as strictly the ones I talk to about school homework and games and books and all that. but till then if you ask me had not really grasped the concept of friendship. I was and still am really ferocious when it comes to discussions pertaining to my knowledge which I strictly think is very limited over a varied range of topics and I was most of the time worried about homework and topping the exams. You might think of this as shitty in some way but as long as you enjoy it and have company for whatever you do friendship is pretty much limited to these two things only. Until and unless, you are  the brat which I never was so that whole perspective is kind of missing from my book of experiences.

When you study this much as I did during the initial years of your school you become a nerdy arrogant bastard and a bloody retard which I was till I reached middle school and found that the envy of other students really had me being pointed out for any stupid thing I did in school. By now you must be thinking how shitty my first few years in school might have been and how it is not something you want to live. But here is when the fun part started when I became a sort of real brat and when I knew that no one can blame me as I am the good guy. *evil smile* I did all kinds of fun stuff in middle school and the partners in crime still keep me down to earth as they relentlessly abuse at me even though they know how good I am doing. Friends are for this purpose only. They never drag you down they keep you at a normal phase just to make sure you do not go over the top and ruin your presence among them. Everyone has equal chances with them and everyone is cool. Everything about my pre-senior years is a blur to me and more over its mostly the insane amount of running around we all did. I still laugh at myself as to how I handled those stupid years and how mostly all of my school friends remember me. They think I might have forgotten them but I remember each and every one of them because they were important and helped me become the man I am.

Cut to senior years when it was all about how to excel in class and also remain as cool as ever. It’s not a surprise when I say I held key positions even then during school. Captain of the House and representative in all important events. It’s that time when people know you are important at once the real responsibility is shoved into your hands. Over the past few years I realized how everything i did in my 11th and 12th standard helped me go through my college years. My intellectualism is through all the nerdy friends I hung out with who really taught me how to have fun with studies. then there were the bratty guys who showed me the flip side of life where everything was cool other than studies. It was appalling yet beautiful how I could tackle both sides of life then and practically the reason I knew a lot of people back then who counted into my friends group. I literally knew everyone in my batch. It was then also I made some very close friends some of which I even am in contact with now. They helped me through and through. One such guy worth mentioning here who I still respect because he was the one who actually kind of held on to me even after school. We aways had a topic to talk about. Someone to bitch about, some  girl to follow and silly things. Even though we are in very minimal contact with him becoming a Lieutenant in the Army and me becoming a Consultant i can still call him up and abuse him when I get to know of his engagement through a social networking site and he still does not mind. i owe these people a lot and respect for whatever assistance they have been to me to make me the person who writes so much bull shit to make sense at times.

Now comes the final loop in the roller coaster and boy is this a real fun one: the college years. the fun began as I entered the college hostel. The people I knew from first year actually still are my best buddies right now even after 4 years. Call it my ability or their generosity to tolerate me, they are truly the contributors and the technicians of my life machine. I spent my whole damn life out in those 4 years and i never would regret even a single day. It’s the silliest and the most entertaining years of life where you get to choose who you really want to become and choose who you think should be idealizing. I also met a very special person in this phase of life who really contributed to the perspectives I have now and was the final push to make me write. I was not alien to the fact that I could write but she just made it very clear to me. More of a mirror to my personality I owe her a lot and still call it the most beautiful moments of life. Then there is this other guy I know of who is absolutely dead drop creative in all the quirky-ness of his character. Also there is that one chick who really showed me how life is spent at the back of your hand. There is also the “thinker” and the quintessential “poet” amongst my group and the list goes on. Everyone in this part of my life is someone I remember for the sole reason of them being there whenever I wanted them the most. It’s the kind of friendship you hold even now close to your heart. ALL of you that I have known I will never regret. You truly are in all acceptance the reason of my on-the-fly idiotic quirks which resulted in me being the person the people know as in my professional work-stream.

Coming down to the present I know champions out here. Knowing the value of friendship and how important it can be is what I have learnt now. These selfless bastards I know frankly won’t take any shit from me but let alone they do reprimand me for all the shit I speak and applaud at my randomness most of the time. To put it very clearly everyone I know could be written down on pages and several pages would seem less if I speak too highly of them. If you are one of the people I know and talk right now you must be thinking I am either high or under some influence. NO. I am strictly speaking my heart out here. I cherish who ever I have known in the past two years and how you all have given me the sort of gumption in my effort to be true unto my efforts. Life is long road and without company it is truly a drag. I have my friends and kept them as close as possible and never will be a time will I ever forget you. Thank you all for being there. Especially the new ones which I have met recently. I cherish more than I speak of you and even more than what I have written here. As promised below are the excerpts from an exercise I did at the end of last year with also the ones I never posted on my wall.

Haven’t linked the names because I think it’s not my right so read on and enjoy….


This very first one for my “nerd”-iest school friend. I know its debatable because we definitely have had nerdgasmic discussions together. Also you have been the guy who joined the basketball try-outs with me. A guy fun to be around and extremely emotional about his codes. Yup I still remember the Techkriti trip and the Freudian Slip !!! And then when we used to discuss strictly tech shit together. Also he was one of the few who used to like Metal and Alternative from school along with me. We shared a great number of passions and had the best Computers Finals Exam  . Great fun to know you just hope I had been in touch with our whole group more after college. To having a reunion again !!! Cheers !!!


The most passionate person I have known in college. The best player on and off field I have seen. Almost the quintessential “quarter-back” you might have seen in typical college movies. Now add to it all the बकर you can imagine. Champion of a fellow!!! We have shared some of the best moments in college and enjoyed it to the core. Great to know you bro !!! And our Goa trip is due this year….


Words might fall short to describe you but I will give it a try. From the day I first “met” you it was special. It was always perfect. We were mirrors of each other. The acquaintance was a pleasure. Things got a bit out-of-hand when I talked to you last. Hope everything is still awesome with you. I especially remember the ambigram discussions and the poetry ones too then there was all the books and the list continues…..and how can I forget all the songs. You have helped me generate a wider taste in music too. Its been great knowing you and our meetings although few have been the best times in college and after. Have a cool year ahead and stay awesome as you are !!! Kick ate happiness !!! 


Another one of the most interesting people I know of. Probably and arguably one of the talented yet untapped guy I know of. The stud of our group. And I might as well state that he appeared a bit snobbish the day we first met at college. I had a chance to get to know you twice when we hung out again through our common friend. Who is by the way sitting right across the room. I enjoyed the hostel बकर and more so the DODs. Have a great year ahead and get your ass back here soon Fucker !!!


Perhaps the only person who lives up to the title “बाबा” attached to his name. Gamer. Intellectual. Funny. Talented. A man of many words. Was one of the elite first year group I had the privilege to hang out with. The string of acquaintance broke here and there but there was never a knot in between it just started off again. I knew you in layers and it always seems I am exploring one whenever we talk. Hope to meet you in sometime whenever our time allows. Have a wonderful 2014 and enjoy your life. You will make it big in a few years my gut says so….best of luck for the future….


The best person I was introduced to this year. Its been short and sweet whatever we have shared as a camaraderie but it has been epic. From the day we met this July to the incessant outings and the epic pub crawls and the crappy/awesome movies that saw, its been wonderful. It would have been awesome had you been here on the New Years as well but then it’s also OK . You met me at such a juncture of my life where I couldn’t really tackle a lot of challenges and helped me pull through. You are slow at times to understand which is amusing and hilarious. Apparently the only sane and somewhat surreal conversation that we ever had been on a phone call otherwise its always madness that ensues. Cheers to all the madness and fun. I just hope you stay a little while longer and we have a blast on our birthday month. Till then best of luck for all the new year plans ahead and a very big hug as a token of thanks….tooh !!!! 


Apparently the most intriguing one of all my juniors. I haven’t interacted with you much but you seemed calculative from whatever I saw of you. Wish you the best in the years ahead and hope to stay in touch…


Again one of those juniors I interacted with quite a lot during the fest preps. The “dude” of the lot and an ardent coder. Hope your hacking habit is still on. Destined to do something big from whatever small I have seen of you. Best of all the luck in the world in the year ahead….


Oh a lot to say about this lady. One of my most surreal acquaintances this year and the most energetic spirit on the block. I would thank all the social networking prowess I have developed and her ability to see through me on a single read of the blog. Our NH7 plan was an extempore. She is the living proof that 6 degrees of acquaintance law exists. We have just met in person once but even that was epic in all the right as well as wrong sorts. At least you witnessed the first and only fight of this season . Just wishing you all the fun this year. Enjoy life and party hard as you always do. Cheers to more meetings ahead Aasami !!!!


Half of my friends might know who I am talking about by seeing this number. One of the most blatantly talented people I know. Someone who I met the first day in college and hit off with almost instantly. Also one of those who pushed me to do a lot of things which maybe formed a platform for things further ahead. The first person to get placed amongst all of us. A very picky shutterbug but the results are always intriguing. Funny on the nose and absolutely awesome when it comes to बकर !!! Also had a big hand in some of the “other” acquaintances I grabbed out of college. You have been awesome and kept it intact. We always discussed about a lot of personal stuff. You were there this year during my most emotionally hassled months and helped me get through. I owe you for this one…Cheers to the year ahead and hope to see you soon bro….till then have a happy new year…because when we meet it would be awesome…. 


THE most musically gifted person I know. We connected on hometown intricacies the day we met. The transition from college to work life was hectic but this guy’s chutzpah never lets the “college” feel fade away. Always welcome and helpful and more so different from the rest of the lot. Always backs his own views and one of my very very dear friend/colleague. Thanks for all the music you add to our lives like a cherub. I would be sad when you leave next year. Till then lets party hard just like tonight….Cheers !!!


भाई जी आपका गुणगान करने के लिए शब्दावली और वास्तु कला में निपुणता सहित अकूट ज्ञान चाहिए। अब आप पूछोगे वास्तु कला ही क्यूँ ? देखा शब्दावली पर कोई शक नहीं है पर वास्तु कला सिर्फ इसलिए क्यूंकि पता नहीं रहता कब कहाँ से मार लो। आपसे हमारी मुलाकात हॉस्टल में शुरू के ही कुछ दिनों में हुई थी और जैसे के आपको याद ही होगा काफी ताबड़तोड़ बकर भसड भी मचाई है हमने हॉस्टल 5,7,8 और सिविल डिपार्टमेंट साक्षी है इसका। लड़ा हूँ बहुत बार सभी से पर आपके जैसे खुले मस्तिष्क वाले लोग मिलते भी काफी कम हैं। एक नयी पारी खेलना जब शुरू किया ट्विटर पर तो भी आपका व्यंग्य हमें प्रोत्साहित ही करता है। आपका कंप्यूटर में अनुभव नयी तरह की बकर करने में हमेशा सहयोग देता आया है। अब इतनी हिंदी लिखवा ही ली है तो नए साल की शुभकामनाएं भी ले लो। जल्द ही मिलते हैं अपना गोवा का ट्रिप भी बचा ही है !!! चियर्स !!!


This lady has a knack of catching the jokes….good or bad its irrelevant. Its been awesome since we have had this jugalbandi of sorts for all the jokes that we crack. Sometimes I think if we get paid for that or the work that we do. Brilliant gossip-er ardent TV watcher….all fun always. It is especially fun when we actually think of the same jokes at that instant and then we just laugh our asses off on that there and then. Stay awesome stay cool work hard party harder this year. Wonderful to have your acquaintance…..


One of my professional yet fun acquaintance. We share the same passion for all the gadgets humanly possible to get our hands on. You made our time at TP Cell worthwhile. Thank you for all the energy you inject and hearty congratulations for the recent promotion….


I have learnt so much from this guy that it was hard to put into words. Alas !! they again might fall short. His way of thinking has always been out of the box and he truly adds the weird green chutney to everyone’s life around him. Always there for his friends and a lot more awesome around his closest buddies. Something we both have connected on is always the talks and randomness of acquaintances. The whole fest thing and every other thing we have organized together is sort of the most brilliant thing I have done in college and it would not have been possible without you. He goes by the name @Dhuandhari on twitter and boy is he some dhuandhar in every field he steps into. Thanks for all your efforts and may you have a happy new year.


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