Say Womaniya !!!

Be a M.A.R.D. than a MAN !!!High time to think about certain really up-roaring issues and the water will go over the head if I really don’t comment on this topic of feminism going round now. Thought provoking the word maybe and more or less as intense the discussions as might have been till now my opinion is still unadulterated and purely from the heart.

Whence I put forward an issue related to this violence and crime against women thing most  people would relate to that. Partly because of the whole “Nirbhaya” tragedy and mostly because half of you (and I do not mention it proudly) have indeed bore the brunt of the prejudiced attitude of society towards this women safety thing.

My opinion is something really different from what you usually see in the newspaper write-ups and stuff. If I mention it really frankly I do not see a reason why a woman has lost her right to fight her own battle because even a mindless nincompoop would know how much it means to her. This whole chain of events to up keep the honor started way back when for the first time a wee guy oppressed into thinking that he was not made to enjoy his own presence in his very own sex life due to culture objectified a woman for the first time. It was a pure thought and for that matter totally justified as the brain functions in this way (more on this in a later paragraph) but it was heinous because it was against the consent of a woman which carried a really important status in the society. The status that she deserved (then and now) was all due to the ideals and the pain she has to carry while the males seemingly did nothing other than gathering and what not. i never say the stature and the qualifications of a woman as a person to respect was wrong, it would slate me as chauvinist as any man is nowadays. This culture and inception put into a woman’s mind and off late acts of overpowering and oppression due to muscle power led all the women of the world to believe that they needed to be taken care of kept at home given space and honour at every place. Again this is not wrong but truly demarcating once you think of it from a social observer’s perspective.

Now every woman was first opressed into thinking they have to stay back at home because she was a child bearer. Such is the quality of a female mind that instead of sitting in a corner it made sure that the surroundings which involved her and her man had to be clean and organized as much as possible. This spelt doom for her as her status was now fixed as the “home”maker. Something a man’s straight forward non-layered thinking could not do. Now every man was brought up this way and it was instructed that you are the one who needs to go out and earn a bread while your wife waits for you at home to be inseminated by you some day. Alas !!! that is where rationality of action in our society ended !!!

When you are appreciated for a task of course you feel good and really proud of what you have done. This leads you into thinking you own everything at your place of abode alongwith your wife.True. Nevertheless it’s more than crucial the work which goes into creating a home. As much as we work smoke and drink outside our homes a woman does 20 times more to save up the money we earn. Trust me if now you were given a day to hold the reins at home you’ll cry like a baby (I address all the men here). It’s more than just spoon-feeding that the society and it’s structure has done to it’s male counter parts. especially when it gave it the right to earn and choose his own vocation. had the genders been treated equally most men would be sitting at home today. Just because we get the power to hold the club and a gun everytime a war is heralded doesn’t mean we exercise our power over those you keep at home and let her make it her own world. (Again this is my opinion and I never asked for anyone else’s so if you do not agree keep it to yourself as i believe in understanding through experience) Coming to the point which I mentioned earlier how our brain justifies this whole violence which ensues against women. It’s very simple. When you have been brought up in a way to be understood as the torch bearer. Given opportunity where an all male population would exist as a competition and then also told you can choose your own bride of course you get to exercise some power over her. if you have a mouse and you feed it every day you own it right ? Now if that mouse had a choice to choose you it definitely brings you on the backfoot. i apologise for the analogy put forward here but i just hope you get the gist.

Women being opressed so much and submitting to domination by men all over the society has degraded her place to the limits she has to lean back to small loopholes in rules created by them itself to make an equal amount of opposite gender around. Now where does sex and abuse related to that fall here ? I would take you back to your childhood days when you were told you could not have an extra candy everyday. Till your parents had you at home they could hold you back. You had no say because you could not exercise power over them in any way. When you got money power somewhere down the line (in the form of pocket money) you just went and got as much candy you wanted. Think about it, everytime someone asks a child what he wants he always states “mountains of Toblerone and rivers of Bournvita” because he has been told he cannot have more than one. Similarity is with copulation. (a) You are allowed just one (b) You have to take permission to do it because you might end up inseminating (c) It’s nothing to take pleasure from you have to do it as a duty. Our society explains it in this way and opresses a testosterone driven human biped into submission half his years. i don’t say that they should be allowed to do it every now and then to whomever they please but atleast try to give them that responsibility from a young age. Give them a chance to learn by experience. Just instruct them to keep it safe. Whatever happens in the minds of the “culturally-reluctant” class of people is something really serious. They oppress their own urges so much that it explodes in a streak of violence and they end up either objectifying or raping a girl. Women also have been taught that their “izzat” is their biggest “gehna” and they should save it and also they are the home makers and everyone should respect them. This is most certainly the reason that they are so hard to understand and they have to be treated differently. It’s the society which we have made, the rules we have created that give us this confusion and outburst. It’s no different in case of women. Sometime they also want to try out new things break from the chains of rules put on them. But the society tags them with heinous names like “slut” and what-not.

Women have had always the power to stand upright with us taking care of every thing as much as someone else does. news items which treat a boy and a girl board result diffrently are equally guilty of chauvinism as much as the man who rapes a woman through power. Tons of things I can write against them and they would mean just the same to you. All I would say in conclusion is that women are oppressed partly because they choose to and on the whole due to the spoon-feeding our society does as creating them into goddesses that keep our home clean and the ones we need to feed. treat them equally once at least your children and inculcate in them this understanding and you will see the difference one day yourself.

I’m keeping the discussion open here. You can mail me your findings and views and I might edit and included them in this write up. Till then GO WOMANIYA !!! CHANGE THE WORLD !!! Apparently I would be stamped as a homosexual after such thing but I’m more of a M.A.R.D. (Man Against Rape and Discrimination) than a man… 😉


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