Real Steel

A very good line which quite a lot of movie buffs like me, might have heard from the movie REAL STEEL ” …Kenton has hard wired this robot with the will to go on….”. it’s a simple statement; something which every commentator who needs some eloquence in his descriptions might use. But the real context behind the statement delves much deeper into my mind (at least) more than anything in the movie.

For the newbies let’s rewind back a few reels to make you understand the whole context which I will explain in due course. The movie is about a single father who controls robots for a robot- on robot fight and gets a small shot at the championship owing to his son’s determination in making sure his sparring robot gets a fight. It’s a lot of sci-fi drama and guy action throughout. But the underlying nature of the way the story is told, how our protagonist warms to the fact of being a father, how he fights back his own nature of giving up to get the real steel out of his heart is what I understood at the first go (pat-on-back for self proclamation of myself as a classy movie goer). This is the context which makes these simple lines more than anything but just a passing statement. It shows how he was able to communicate through the robot his own determination to fight back this time. i saw the movie at first for a) Hugh Jackman (i even saw Rise of The Guardians because of him) and b) Evangeline Lily (AND HER LEGS <3) but as soon as I came out of the hall I was moved. Even re-watching the finale battle of the movie on television still gives me the goosebumps. I understood how life gives you a second chance when you show it how worthy you are.

When I sat down today thinking over and over all these stories (and fantasizing Monica of course ;), I started implementing them to myself. How my Hugh Jackman was standing up to these challenges. I was not !!! I have been cribbing over my work, thinking how cruel life has been to me (also a certain personality who totally refused to understand me and left me disoriented), crying at times feeling home sick and alone (Yes I’m a guy and I cry… i’m not ashamed), and felt like dying at  a few occasions. It may seem how weak I have been but the people who go through certain kinds of emotional turmoils or join a new job after college would readily understand this. I thought if this is not giving up than what is ? I still think whether I need to work more or go for an MBA or what not. But do I try to make sure that I do it ? Do I try to motivate myself for it ? NO !!! I just sit back and crib and crib some more. Obviously it becomes a pain afterwards and then a depression which grows and becomes a part of your life and I frankly do not want that.

After all this retrospection I came to a small conclusion  and which is why I’m writing something like this today. THE REAL STEEL IN YOU IS WHAT YOU DECIDE TO DO. Yes ! it’s as simple as that. Nothing in the world is more important than your decision. Your heart might not accept it but believe me it’s just hormonal imbalance. Your heart is a pump and it just supplies blood. have you ever thought of buying a new vehicle and thought otherwise because of the money ? Did you ever think twice before going to a place with your friends ? Think about all the things you wanted to do 5 years ago. how many have you remotely achieved ? How many you have tried to achieve in due course. Did you decide on something and are still working on it ? If you were able to answer all these questions in your head then you know what i’m talking about here. Towards the end a few lines from the more recent movie Special 26 : “असली पावर दिल में होती है !!!” #JeeHaan 


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