The Inner Eye

To this day I really don’t know what pushed me into the thick of things when it comes to my work and the things that pushed me away from my avocation. Half of this still doesn’t make sense but more of it I realize needs to be put forward. Let me tell you a simple exercise which you can do everyday when you feel humiliated with everything that happens. I know everyone of you does care about your as well as other people’s views particularly when they are about you. It’s a very good thing. More like a habit…never leave it. Coming back to the exercise which I was going to tell you about. But before that a quick fact……have you ever tried licking your elbows…no ? did you try it just now ? yes ? then you know of the helplessness anyone feels when things start falling apart around and you find no fault of yours contributing to it. It’s like that pain at the back of your head which wants to jump out and die but can’t because you like to keep it in it’s place. I really flow away with my thoughts… 😛

Anyways, try this at home (Yes !!! finally an exercise which is neither perceived nor viewed by anyone around a closed room called Gym 😉 ;whenever you get back home late from work go to your wash room and have a look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see ? well your face of course…..but did you have a look at your eyes ? Yeah…your eyes !! Closely observe them. If you find yourself smiling the exercise is over there and then (I would tell you why…eventually). But if you see something else there are three possibilities to it (a difference of opinion could be put up here but sadly this one is mine)

(a) A tired guy off from the frustration of long work hours and irregular eating habits with the dark cirles of hopelessness under the eyes. He’s sleepy tired and really angry at the same time. Hence the dull broody expression.

(b) A overworked professional with minimal almost none talks what-so-ever with his family. No work-life balance but feels exceptionally good at office and is sad to be back home to face his peers.

(c) An overjoyed thinker who just finds out ways to be happy and manages a smile or two even at 3 ‘o clock in the morning. That is because he remembered today’s most hilarious moment and immediately tries to convey it to his girlfriend/wife/live-in partner.

If none of the above relate to your situation either you are a student or a mother or a grandfather. Anyway you either have lived your life long enough to just leave it to destiny or given up on life and only think about your children.  or just don’t know anything even two hours from now.

Coming back to the three cases. Well the first one is the typical youth….a working guy like me who just works and gets no satisfaction from it. Probably a guy who wants to earn a lot and is ready to do anything feasible for it but didn’t get a chance to keep it in his field of interest. The second one is what this typical youth will become 5 years a little ways down the road. And the third one is what he tried to become but was too concerned to think about what others might or might not think about him.

To become the third person as mentioned in (c) is what I would stress upon. You see your problems as your inner eye sees it. There is no problem what-so-ever in thinking that maybe you don’t have an inner eye. It’s okay. Everyone thinks about that way. But then I urge you to think again. Did the guy who passed a remark on you or the one who spilled your coffee have the same intentions. One did it on purpose to get a reaction. the other….just by mistake. Which one of them would you expect to say sorry ? The second one of course. Think why he would say sorry. Not because he cares for you but because this particular person thinks that giving others what you want always gets it back to you. he ain’t the person who would just make fun of others to get some reaction on something. It’s his inner eye which let’s him focus on problems he might face and never realize that it’s all fate that takes care of him. If he feels he’s a good guy he’ll always do some good somewhere whence he gets a chance.

On the other hand you can’t force your own inner eye view on others. If people think you are obnoxious you need not find faults in yourself and prove to them your obnoxiousness. If you think inside you are cool…..well be cool about that fact too. You don’t need a bike or a big phone and a huge six digit figure in your account. You just need a few actions to make you realize what you are and pursue to follow it if that gives you satisfaction. That’s the power of the INNER EYE that catches everyone’s attention. Something which runs the world. I wrote complete nonsense at the start just to make you follow what you could do if you open yourself to other people’s views and only carry forward the positive. Now open your inner eye and reiterate what you did today and think from your own perspectives not someone else’s. Life will be as beautiful as you find it, not as you think it should be. 


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