Mild mannered mastikhori

   Delightful and Unconventional. That’s all we have in mind when we need a holiday because to be frank we need our holiday to be like this. A vacation is as welcome as a choco-chip in the last morsel of a cone-ful of choco-chip ice cream. And the sudden spasm you get when you discover a coin in the back pocket of your old rugged jeans is equally welcome. I don’t think there ever has been a human being who is never happy to find a note or a coin astray kept in your washed up clothes. To be precise some just vie for it more than you may have given it a thought. Although this could be my opinion but I think you get the gist.
   Another thing is the pleasure of waking up in the morning and finding out no need for any pending work because it can take rest for later and then inhaling that fresh morning air in the balcony. The list also includes the smile from the person you love most. That free beer you get in the long bill at a pub.
   I mention these things because they happened while I was on vacation and I was especially happy about the last one. Meeting friends is one thing but creating your own wonderland is particularly and totally a different roller coaster ride. I can include the recent roller coaster ride I had but it was more adrenaline than the actual delight I had when I got off. It helps to remember these things and give yourself a smile on the face.
   Anger is mostly self-inflicted and particularly destructive. Anger destroys love, connection, peace and bonds. Its not just humans that are affected by anger but also things around us. Worldly pleasures, small comments are all short- lived but anger is something that ensues, continues, retaliates till you get yourself a rein to control it.
  You search for meaning in things close to you, you look for signs to make sure what is correct. Nothing wrong there, but what you really need to understand is what you take from all the meanings and signs around you. Trust me when you understand this life would be all mastikhori.

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