Yup…its right…things are changing so are we…and I have my graduation Goggles on these days. its part of a ritualistic fury. You dont always but most of the time end up craving for the most disgustive thing in your mind…because things go off balance as soon as it ends….My years at the college have been particularly fascinating…the very first day I stepped in here i had this very wrong notion of “padhenge likhenge aage badhenge” Need not say it was envious enough to be surrounded by equals and far better minds than mine….the only thing I learnt first year (half of which i realized three years later) were..(a) how not to study (b) to keep your assholiness in your pocket (c) to listen to everyone (d) never say no to any of the respected and…(e) teacher clan is a douchebag and would always be the same….mostly the first year included ragging and several things happening at once almost each day….it comes to me in flashes but it let me out of my well for the first time. My modesty could take me places but i still own the complacency of acceptance and support everywhere. This fact also came to light in many ocassions. There are endless things to say but we moved on to second year. te importance of friends was inflicted on  me the very first day. Differences between friends “good” friends and “awesome” friends was discovered. Also a lot of “Ahem Ahem” happened along but that is a whole different story. third year gave me an opportunity to underperform magnificently. Enjoying through occasions with a limited friend circle I did not know what was in store. Phoenix year is what this fourth year was. I realized how selflessly selfish people are when it comes to their gaand. I realized whats what and who is who….they had to know me because they had things in mind about themselves…So and so I now enjoy this attention too much and breathe in relief that my College life ends tomorrow


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