Mind Games…

Finally after looking for several reasons I presumed and several others I abolished I have decided in the tiniest corner of my mind to give you what exactly this ethereal laid back mind of mine primarily thinks of things around. In short, i have decided to blog around. over several years the urge has been there waiting for that tiny push to vent out things in wilderness of this vast network and often i have found myself at cross roads dealing with (what I would articulately put as) the resonances of my thought provocative abilities. i found myself deranged too lazy or sometimes disoriented but nevertheless things were kept to me. my stint at twitter has attracted attention of few but several others may seem unaware. (KalMuah) it may seem I am bragging too much about things you have neither noticed ever nor realised in the wake. And first time readers would simply be appalled. But giving into the details all i would say that this microblogger has finally decided to take up the big guns now. Coming back to the point of inspiration its thoroughly and truthfully Conan Doyle’s thought child ” SHERLOCK HOLMES”. His theory on the art of thinking and thought process rather gives me a much greater idea to blurt it all out what’s there in your mind. That way I get to keep my mind clear and clutter free. Think of your mind as a store house. The problem lies in the fact that firstly we can’t use the whole of it and secondly we fill it up with so much irrelevant details that in times of actual need we are left with the minuscule amount of space possible to utilize the same. Simple as it may seem the task of un-cluttering is highly arduous.  

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